Media Supplier & Communication Earpiece Supplier for TV

Universal dB is an approved media supplier for audio communication, TV and radio earpieces. We supply custom talk back earpieces for a number of high profile media and broadcasting organisations including the BBC, ITV, QVC and MUTV. Customers include several high profile news presenters, including Gordon Burns. Our custom earpieces for audio communication are also great for security workers and covert personnel where excellent audio communication is essential.

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Ear Impression Service

  • Custom hearing products are the ultimate in comfort and fit
  • They are designed to provide several years of reliable use
  • They are manufactured to fit individual ears and you will need an ear impression taken before you can obtain the finished item
  • Having an ear impression taken is a simple, painless procedure
  • It should always be carried out by a qualified hearing professional
  • Universal dB offers an ear impression taking service. Please contact us for details