Custom Earphones

PreciseSound - Personalised Custom Earphone Adaptors

Universal dB’s personalised custom earphone adaptors are available for most types of earphones and deliver optimum sound quality from your MP3 player, iPod or other device, while you listen at a lower, safer volume. They always fit perfectly, stay in place during dynamic exercise and can be worn comfortably all day.

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We have a range of high quality earphones from which to choose and we can even customise existing earphones.

PreciseSound products start at £90.00 for custom earphone sleeves, please contact us to discuss our range and choose your perfect custom earphones.

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Sennheiser high Quality CX3000 Earphones

Sennheiser High Quality Earphones with Universal dB Custom PreciseSound Ear Tips

Only £145.00 inc. VAT