Earmoulds for Hearing Aids

1000's of style and colours available.

Universal dB has been supplying custom earmoulds (inserts) for hearing aids to NHS adult audiology and paediatric audiology centres for almost fifty years. We are committed to supporting NHS Trusts in the Any Qualified Provider (AQP) model, helping them to meet key service outcomes and contribute to the wider Department of Health QIPP (Quality, Innovation, Productivity & Prevention) agenda as they set out to deliver improved services more commercially, under tighter budgetary constraints.

Custom Earmoulds to Fit Patients’ Needs

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Accessories from tubing to ear tips

Universal dB’s premium quality earmoulds are customised to fit the clinical and lifestyle needs of individual patients. Our extensive range of tubing and venting options allows fine-tuning for optimum performance. We use the widest range of earmould materials available, including earmould tubing and earmould sundries, and are constantly innovating. Our customer service team provides expert advice and assistance and we do not charge for colours, allergy patch samples or for our 24 hour paediatric service delivery to home or school.

For details of our custom earmoulds for hearing aids download our Audiology Catalogue below:

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Earmoulds hearings aids.

PDFTubing and Earmould Sundries

  • Universal dB’s medical grade tubing is used by NHS and Private audiologists throughout the UK
  • Over  5 million pre-bent earmould tubes have been manufactured and sold by Universal dB
  • Universal dB manufactures and supplies tubing and adaptors for many earmould applications
  • Anti-condensation / stay-dry tubing relieves problems associated with ear moisture
  • Wide range of coloured tubing for paediatric earmoulds
  • Media companies including the BBC use Universal dB’s audio-communication earpiece tubing
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