Betfred Moves to MediaCityUK

Betfred Moves to MediaCityUK

MediaCityUK is fast growing into a thriving complex of accommodation, office space and retail outlets but more importantly to Universal dB, it is also home to many of our customers, who are now established in state-of-the-art media studios.

Universal dB is a major supplier of custom TV presenter earpieces to high profile media organisations such as the BBC and ITV, both of whom are located at MediaCityUK.

The world’s biggest owner-operator bookmaker, Betfred has become the latest of our customers to make the move to MediaCityUK.  The company has signed an exclusive agreement with Satellite Information Services (SIS), who will distribute all three of Betfred’s shop TV channels from its Salford studios.  After a visit to their studio, Universal dB has provided Betfred’s entire team of TV presenters with custom earpieces.

Betfred’s move to Salford represents a return home for founder Fred Done, who grew up less than half a mile from where MediaCityUK is now and who opened his first shop in Salford in 1967.

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