Universal dB - Part of the NHS Supply Chain

Universal dB has been supplying custom earmoulds (inserts) for hearing aids to NHS adult audiology and paediatric audiology centres through the NHS Supply Chain for almost fifty years. We also provide water protection and hearing protection products. These are gaining in popularity as NHS Trusts seek to become more self-sustaining through the generation of additional revenue.

Universal dB is committed to supporting NHS Trusts in the Any Qualified Provider (AQP) model, helping them to meet key service outcomes and contribute to the wider Department of Health QIPP (Quality, Innovation, Productivity & Prevention) agenda as they set out to deliver improved services more commercially, under tighter budgetary constraints.

In addition to supplying the NHS Supply Chain, Universal dB also supplies custom earmoulds (inserts) to private healthcare companies and other organisations manufacturing and / or specifying hearing aids and hearing products.

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Tubing and Earmould Sundries


Effective Hypo Allergenic NANO Coating for Earmoulds

  • Prevents growth of surface bacteria
  • Reduces risk of ear inflammation and infection
  • Seals and protects the earmould surface
  • Minimises adherence of wax for easy cleaning
  • Helps to preserve aesthetic properties
  • Extends the life of the earmould
  • Existing earmoulds can be coated
  • New earmoulds can be coated after adjustment or re-shaping