Security and Covert Earpieces

Our custom security communication earpieces are ideal for security workers and can be designed to suit the individual needs of the user. Custom earphones are comfortable and discreet and can be used in conjunction with most types of communication equipment.

For security staff who work in particularly noisy environments. such as night clubs and concert venues, we offer an earpiece which incorperates NoiseBarrier™ hearing protection allowing sound and communication to be heard while at the same time protecting the health of the user’s hearing.

Custom NoiseBarrier Earpiece

Communication earpiece incorperating fully certified hearing protection enabling security personell to operate efficienty and safely in extreme noise.

View more details of our Ear Impression Service.

Jabra Wave Headset

Noise Barrier - custom hearing protection

Custom Bluetooth Headset

Jabra Wave is a Bluetooth™ headset that enables incredibly clear calls with its 3-layer wind noise reduction technology. Whether you're in a busy train station or walking your dog along the shoreline on a windy day, you'll sound like you're in a soundproof room.

Universal dB customise this device to enable a perfect fit giving a perfect fit enabling the headset to be comfortably worn all day.

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Custom Jabra Wave Headset

Custom Jabra Wave Headset including ear impression service at Universal dB

£ 79.99 inc. VAT

Custom Security Earpiece

Custom Security Earpiece

Comfortable custom fit earmould, coiled communication tube and discreet microphone with lapel/tie clip. Suitable for use with 2 way radios, mobile phones and most other communication equipment.