Swimming Earplugs and Water Protection for Ears

Universal dB’s custom floatable WaterBarrier™ swim plugs and earplugs for water protection form a watertight seal to prevent water entering the ear canal whilst showering, swimming, diving, windsurfing, water skiing, or participating in ironman, triathlon or other water sports. Swimming earplugs and WaterBarrier™ water protection ear products also protect against irritation and water borne infection. Universal dB’s water protection Waterbarrier™ earmoulds are made from the highest quality supersoft silicone and are designed for maximum comfort and performance. Advanced technology NANO coating is available for increased protection. Swim plug cords are available in a range of colours. View more details of our Ear Impression Service.

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Earmould Hygiene

  • Universal dB provides a complete cleaning system for earmoulds and earpieces
  • Audio Spa comes with batteries and NITRADINE™ tablets
  • NITRADINE™ tablets completely destroy bacteria after 15 mins immersion
  • Suitable for all types of earmoulds, swim plugs including WaterBarrier™, SnorePlug™ and most noise protection ear inserts including NoiseBarrier™
  • Audio Spa earmould and earpiece cleaning system and supplies of NITRADINE™ tablets available from Universal dB